A Nostalgic Adventure from TOP Adventure Director, Johnny Waszczak


When I think about trips, I think about…

-Crisp morning air.
-Waves of fog rolling off of the lake.
-Staying hunkered down in the warm confines of your sleeping bag, waiting just a few minutes longer before venturing out of the tent for some hot off the stove blueberry crumble and hot chocolate.
-Waking up to the sunrise and to the sounds of nature all around you, hungry to take on the day’s challenge.
-Breaking the morning silence with the sound of sleeping bag and tent zippers.
-You thought bed head was bad, you should see tent head. Remember to bring a hat.
-Forearms so pumped after an intense climb that you can barely untie your figure eight knot or pick up your water bottle for a much needed gulp of much needed bug juice.
-Your heart begins to race as you hear the rapids ahead. You get a firm grip on your paddle and get low in your canoe.  Read the rapids, move left to avoid the rocks, don’t forget to keep paddling.  The next thing you know, you’re into calmer water once again.  You look to the back of the canoe at your friend and paddling partner, full of adrenaline after conquering another set of Delaware River rapids, and you slap your paddles down on the water, victorious!
-Granola and bananas have never tasted better than after a long hike, epic climb, or hard paddle. Trip food is the best food.
-Your first look at the rock face as you put on your harness, chalk up your hands, and tie in.
-Pulling on your favorite pair of hiking boots, perfectly broken in, ready to take the first step on the wilderness adventure that lies ahead.
-All those who wander are not lost.
-The view from the top. Trees, rivers, lakes, and the wilderness below have never looked more vivid and alive!
-Seeing a bald eagle in the wild for the first time as it glides effortlessly overhead, stretching out it’s 6-foot wingspan, and landing on a nearby branch to watch for fish in the water below. Real life nature channel.
-Watching as a sly fox slips through the campsite, stealing an apple or a piece of bread, and just as quickly and quietly as it came, disappearing into the woods once again.
-Perfectly roasting a marshmallow. It is an art that takes practice and patience. Slow roasted and golden brown.
-Lying on your back, looking up at the stars, picking out the big dipper, Orion’s Belt, and the Seven Sisters. How many of the Seven Sisters can you make out?  The stars never looked so bright!
-The pitter-patter of rain on the rainfly of your tent.
-The sweet, musty smell of the woods after a rain.
-Being out on trail with your best friends, creating memories that last forever.
-Sitting around the campfire with friends, and watching the flames climb up toward the night sky to the sound James Taylor on the guitar.
-The smell of campfire hanging on your clothes.
-The first hot shower after days on trail.
-A triumphant return home, bursting with excitement to tell everyone about your adventure. Sometimes you have to be there to understand, but they can all come on the next one.  Let’s start planning the next big trip.



Get outside and go on a trip!

Let’s get out and create our own memories on the Delaware River, Appalachian Trail, Delaware Water Gap, and all across the Northeast.

Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Adventure Awaits!

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