Chess and Life

Chess is like life in that it always gives you another chance. If you lose a chess game, you can always play another. If you miss an opportunity or do something wrong in life, you are usually given another chance; however, those who succeed are generally able to take advantage of their opportunities or chances. One of my favorite expressions is “nothing comes from nothing”. If you want results in chess, school, with friends, or in whatever it is you are interested in, you must work at it constantly – over and over again. For some people, doing things over and over again can get boring quickly, so it’s important to practice in an environment you enjoy. If that means total quiet, arrange it. If it means having music on, then do so. If it means having the TV on in the background, so be it. Every individual has his or her own comfort level. At TOP Chess Camp, we are able to practice chess in a beautiful, rustic environment that a lot of players enjoy. As for my own preference, I like to have a baseball game on. Baseball is the perfect companion to chess for me because it is slow, long and thoughtful. Slow enough that I can take short stints from chess to watch the baseball action, but still be focused on chess. In what type of environment do you like to practice?

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