Love What You Do and Do What You Love

This guest blog post was written by TOP Chess Director, Danny Kopec. Since each TOP Camp has its own unique focus, all of our campers can benefit from Danny’s advice.


Whatever you are interested in, be it mathematics, chess, music, basketball, computers, horseback riding, art, etc., it is important to observe the experts! Without observation there can be little improvement. You must see what the experts in your area do, observe their actions, and try to derive patterns and methods from what you see. Additionally, if you don’t love what you do, whether it is a hobby or a career, then it’s very difficult to succeed. It is passion, motivation and pleasure that drive success.

In chess, you must enjoy playing over the games of the great Champions who helped bring the game to its current state.

In the coming months, I hope to finally complete my video (3-4 hours long) on the History of the World Chess Championship from Morphy to Carlsen. It will cover all the Champions and their styles.

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