Pie in the Sky!

Day 3 at Top Cooks Overnight Camp was JAM PACKED! Our day started under a clear blue sky in the picnic grove, with a lovely made-to-order breakfast. Then we were off to Arts & Crafts for a morning of painting, clay, sculpting and paper-making fun. Next, our campers took center stage at Netsy Playhouse to learn some techniques from our talented drama staff; we may have a few budding Food Network stars! After leaving our drama class, the Top Cooks learned the ever important pastry skill: piping butter cream frosting. Campers learned how to properly color icings, load pastry bags and utilize several different piping tips to produce designs such as shells, stars and lettering.

After lunch, the campers ‘rolled up their sleeves’ and spent the afternoon learning how to make pie: dough preparation, rolling, lattice work, filling and baking. This evening, to ‘top’ it all off, we enjoyed a sunset cruise on Pennsylvania’s Lake Wallenpaupack where we learned all about this fascinating man-made 14 mile lake (65 feet at its deepest part – can you believe that?!).  Needless to say, our campers are going to sleep well tonight and are looking forward to another great day here at Top Cooks Camp!   

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