The Value of Short-Term Camp Sessions



Oftentimes when we think of overnight camp, we imagine the traditional 7-8 week program. Now more than ever before, camps are offering shorter sessions to accommodate the increased variety of summer opportunities for children. It’s not uncommon for a child to start his or her summer at a one-week horseback riding camp, go on a family road trip the next week and end the summer participating in his or her school’s tennis team preseason. Undeniably, short-term camp sessions also offer economic value.

Can short-term campers reap the same benefits from the overnight camp experience as long-term campers? Absolutely! They still form close bonds with their bunkmates and make lifelong memories. They still participate in every aspect of camp from inspection, to arts & crafts, to the Friday evening campfire. They get excited to see their friends on the first day, and exchange emotional hugs with them on the last. They try new things and view their counselors as role models, and they leave with countless stories and plans to return the following summer.

Parents report that children come home from short-term camp sessions with a newfound interest in helping out around the house (they have the job wheel to thank for that!) and spending time with family, and they speak positively about new skills they have acquired and their overall camp experience. They become more adept at relating to others and demonstrate confidence, independence and character values.

With the right staff, the sky’s the limit for short-term session campers and we pride ourselves on having the best! 🙂



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