Top Ranch Rider Interviews

Our riders are having a fantastic time.  This morning, the older riders interviewed one another about their time so far…

Question: What do you like about the Ranch?                                

Sarah – “The counselors/trainers and them making things fun.” 

Zaria – “I like riding the horses and doing games and crafts.”    

Megan – “The extra activities we do in addition to horseback riding.”

Question: What do you like doing during the day at Timber Tops and why?                                                                                                      

Sarah – “I absolutely LOVE the lake because all of my friends go with and we just be silly!”                                                                            

Zaria – “I love doing fitness and biking because it’s like a challenge.  And I also love tipping the surfboards at the lake!”                     

Megan – “I like paddle boarding on the lake because it is different than any activity at home.”

Question:  What has been or will be your favorite evening program and why?                                                                                              

Sarah – “Panic, because you work with your bunk and I love dressing up.”                                                                                                      

Megan – “Jellybean, because you get and give little gifts and it is a surprise.”                                                                                               

Zaria – “I loved Timber Tops version of Halloween, Timberween.  I was a cheerleader, Sarah was a horseback rider, and Megan’s bunk were the stars of Toy Story…she was a green alien.”

Coming soon…our Junior Top Ranch Riding gals!

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