Bobbing for Berries!

Downward Dog, Peacock & Plank – This morning our Top Cooks headed up to the yoga studio for a special yoga class. Then, on to the bus. We headed down to Lake Wallenpaupack to experience the gorgeous weather, the picturesque lake and a special picnic lunch; the campers deserved it. The day would not be complete without some fun games, some of which included: swimming in the lake, volleyball, uno, a watermelon eating contest and last but not least, ‘find the strawberry’. This game required each camper to dive in to a tub of whipped cream and find a strawberry using only their mouth; no hands! Although a mess, it was a whole lot of fun!

We ‘topped’ off the evening with a tie-dye project up at Arts & Crafts. Rest assured parents, you will see some colorful creations on Saturday! Then, over to the canteen we went for our evening treat. Campers were allowed to select one of their favorite pieces of candy before heading back to the bunk to rest up for another great day in the mountains! 

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