Thoughts From the Top Ranch Riders…

Carla – I came to Top Ranch 2 years ago, but I couldn’t go last year because I live in Paris.  Top Ranch is really fun and I always make new FRIENDS.  I love Top Ranch.  The horses and the instructors are soooo nice.  I really want to come back next year.

Hannah – When I was on the phone with my mom she asked me if I made the right decision to come to camp and I said Yes!  Now I know why, it’s because of all the people who are around me.  Meeting people just like me.  I love Top Ranch.

Erin – Top Ranch is a great experience.  This is my first year and I absolutely love it here.  It makes you realize that you’re very fortunate with your home and parents.  I love Top Ranch.  It is amazing!

Sarah – Every year I count down to the day that I get to come back to Top Ranch.  I have so much fun between the ranch, which is my favorite, and all of the awesome Timber Tops activities.  The lake is my favorite.  I love camp and know that I will come back for as long as I possibly can! I LOVE Top Ranch!

Christina – My first year here has been so much fun.  My favorite thing to do in Top Ranch is to ride because you get to canter and learn new things.  I have made a lot of new friends and am having so much fun with Top Ranch!

Nevin “Squirrel” – Top Ranch gets better each and every year.  You learn to live a new, interesting life here and get to do your favorite passion every day.  I’ve learned many new things and made many new FRIENDS!

Lucia – This was my first year at Top Ranch and I love it!  Also, this is my first year riding English Saddle.  I usually ride Western, but now I think I might like English better now.  And the instructors are so nice.  I love Top Ranch!


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